Quadcopter Reviews for the Fanatics and Uninitiated

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  • Not all qadcopters have cameras
  • Usefulness of quadcopter reviews for people who want to purchase drones
  • Things that make a review reliable and worthy to read

Contrary to popular belief, not all quadcopters have cameras. In fact, professionals who have years of experience advise amateurs to buy cheap small drones without cameras as practice materials. Small drones are usually used by enthusiasts to learn how to set up and fly a drone. Although considerably cheap and different than flying a real highclass drone, these small drones without cameras give beginners the gist of the things needed when flying the real thing.


But let’s say you’re skilled and ready to fly your own camera-carrying drone, what comes next? You need to read reviews. Quadcopter drone with camera reviews can be found anywhere on the internet.

To be specific, quadcopter drone with camera reviews can be found in blog sites, video sharing websites like Youtube, official websites of professional photographers, or even social media accounts of its users.

But we have to warn you not all quadcopter drone with camera reviews are the same. Some are biased towards the brand, while some others do not provide all the necessary details that the buyers need to know.

Therefore, if you have a website that you trust for reading reviews, better stick to them, or if you’re not satisfied, consider conducting a quick search on the internet for the most reliable and thorough reviews.

In a way, reviews can be considered as a product testimony, but if it’s from people that are trust worthy, experienced, and unbias, it can be very good sources of information. Admittedly, not everyone reads reviews, but if you’re keen on buying a product,or a sincere fanatic of a brand (no judgement here), reading reviews about quadcopters can be very insightful.


Drones and Aerial Photography

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  • Drones introduction
  • Drones and aerial photography
  • Resources about drones

Unmanned aerial vehicles or drones in short are basically just that, aerial vehicles that do not require a pilot to be physically present in the vehicle to operate it. These drones are being operated remotely through controllers. Drones usually have a power source built in them to power their rotors. The controllers and the drone typically communicate with each other through radio waves. Most commercial drones today use wifi signal, which 2.4 Ghz to communicate, which is really practical because most smart phones and tablets use this technology nowadays.

With the rise of commercial drones, another industry has benefitted as well. That would be photography. Aerial photography has become very doable today because of a lot camera drones popping up in the market. Before this trend, the only way for photographers to ever do aerial photography is by riding a helicopter, which isn’t really very practical these days. With camera drones, a photographer can easily get images or 20 minutes worth of footage (at least) if he or she invests in a good camera drone.

If you want to buy a camera drone, you have to do the proper research in order to get the best possible drone for your needs. Thankfully, Cameradojo drone camera reviews are available to guide you. These reviews are objectively done and are honest. Today, you will seldom find honest sites that do these kinds of reviews.  Cameradojo drone camera reviews should help you narrow down your choices on which drone to go for. They also provide feature comparisons to make it easier for you to identify which drone you need. The tutorials and tips they provide are also spot on.

So, if you are in to aerial photography and are looking to buy a camera drone, visit Cameradojo’s site. You will find a lot of useful stuff in that website.


The Zen of Photo Editing

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  • 10 cool laptops to choose for your photo editing
  • Fast and efficient photo editing using Asus ZenBook
  • Laptops that still performs well despite multiple photo editing

If you’re serious about making some improvements with your photos through your laptop, then you should try Asus ZenBook Pro. Not only it is considered one of the top 10 laptops for photo editing & photography in 2016, it also features the latest when it comes to performance ports.

LR14Asus ZenBook has this 1x Thunderbolt III for USB Type-C, which also features 1x Gen 2 USB 3.1 Type-C, and 3x USB 3.0, 1x HDMI. It also has Bluetooth 4.0 and SDXC reader to go along with.

This phenomenon of a laptop has a 15.6-inch Touch IPS 4K Ultra-HD display and has its resolution with 3840 x 2160, which is perfect for photo editing.

It also has an amazing 512 GB NVMs Solid State Drive, with a RAM that has 16 GB DDR4. And with its powerful Intel Core i7-6700HQ 2, 6 GHz Quad-core, no wonder Asus ZenBook is one of the top 10 laptops for photo editing & photography in 2016.

The other nine top laptops aside from Asus ZenBook include Dell Inspiron i7559-3762GRY, ASUS ROG GL552VW-DH71, ASUS K501UX-AH71 FHD, Acer Aspire E5-573G, Acer Aspire V17 Nitro Black Edition, Lenovo Z70, Dell XPS 13, MSI GE62 APACHE-276, and Lenovo Y700.

Asus ZenBook has a one-year warranty.

Suffice it to say, choosing the kind of laptop is crucial when it comes to photo editing and enhancing. It makes photo editing easier and faster with its equally functional processors than can perform despite multiple editing.

But Asus ZenBook is the Zen Master among these top 10 laptops for photo and resume template for Microsoft editing & photography in 2016. So check out this cool laptop today and make it as your partner when editing and enhancing your photos all year round.


Your Photo Images with Infoparrot

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  • Online photography shop offering free and paid presets
  • Variety of presets to choose from Infoparrot’s collection
  • Easy editing via Infoparrot’s free presets

Infoparrot offers the best deals for your photo editing needs. It offers more than 400 free presets that you can use for the enhancement of your photos.

Yes, Infoparrot covers all your photo-editing needs through its collection of presets and brushes, from enhancing the texture of your photo image to creating files for you to store these same images. And you can have these aforementioned features, along with its additional effects, from Infoparrot’s list of free presets. Check out Infoparrot right now through this link: http://www.infoparrot.com/50-best-lightroom-presets-free-download-adobe-lightroom/

bEnough of these ordinary tools that doesn’t bring out the beauty of your photos. With Infoparrot’s collection, you are given a list of presets depending on your preferred style or mood at times, for you to create effects that is much closer to your heart.

Infoparrot makes things easier for you. With Lightroom’s equally user-friendly tools, you no longer grope in the dark as to the kind of tools to use for this specific effect, Infoparrot’s list presets makes way for that.

So this is your ultimate photography shop online. If you come across Infoparrot on the web, hold it tight, because it has in its arsenal tons of presets to use for the enhancement of your photos. For more of Inforparrot’s cool presets, check out this link: http://www.infoparrot.com/50-best-lightroom-presets-free-download-adobe-lightroom/

The next time you’re planning to make some changes with your photos, visit Infoparrot, with its free and paid presets, you’ll never run out of effects to use for your pictures. That is something lacking with those old photo-editing tools you’ve been using ever since.

Let Infoparrot be a part of your routine when you edit your photos. You are, needless to say, in a right place if you go the Infoparrot’s way when enhancing your photos. So visit Infoparrot now at http://www.infoparrot.com/50-best-lightroom-presets-free-download-adobe-lightroom/.


Adding Cool, Creative Presets for Lightroom

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  • A sure, quick way of adding presets for Lightroom
  • Photo-editing tools that can create a variety of effects on your photos
  • Accessible presets you can download online for your photo editing needs

Are you thinking of enhancing your photos in a big way? Then it’s about time you consider using Lightroom 5 from now on.

Yes, many are saying that Lightroom is the ultimate solution to your photo editing needs, but the question now would be, how to add presets to Lightroom 5.


The following are steps on how to add presets to Lightroom 5. You may think that installing this app into your PC or laptop will take hours. On the contrary, it will only take a few minutes for you to add these hd helmet camera presets to your Lightroom 5.

  1. First stop, you need to go into Lightroom. Then you click Edit found at the top when you’re using your PC, Preference when you’re using your Mac.
  2. For Mac, choose Preference then and click on it.
  3. A new screen pops up afterwards. There are at least six tabs to choose from, click only on Presets (second tab).
  4. Then click on the titled box, via Show Lightroom presets folder.
  5. Then double click Lightroom.
  6. After clicking Lightroom, click Develop Presets Folder.
  7. Then you need to copy the contents into the “Develop Presets” folder. Then you are done.

These are the steps on how to add presets to Lightroom 5. Never mind if you find yourself at a loss at first, but when you get the hang of it, you will realize how precious and advantageous it would be if you can add these presets for Lightroom.

Knowing the right tools for your photo editing is crucial when editing your photos. Even if you know how to handle the composition and angle of your subject but don’t have the tools to enhance them, you still fall short as far as producing quality pictures in the process.


Vintage Photos and Photoshop Actions  

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  • Vintage photography at its best with Photoshop actions
  • Exploring that vintage effect on your photo with these free actions for Photoshop
  • Easy to access Photoshop actions online for your pictures

If you’re not using Photoshop for your pictures, you’re actually missing a lot. There are free actions for Photoshop on the web that you can use for your photos. This is not your typical photo enhancing solution; it makes significant improvements on your photos that you won’t believe its effects afterwards.

Yes, that is how Photoshop works with your photos. You’ll come out looking like a professional photographer with it. It has tools that you can experiment with as far as photo enhancing goes. So these free actions for Photoshop are your handy companions when it comes to photo editing and enhancement.


As in the case of vintage photography, a photo genre that has enjoyed some kind of a revival lately, out of its unique effect on your photo. Vintage photos take you on a journey back when that picture was taken, and the memories attached to it. It is a special kind of genre in that it can bring back some profound feelings in the past, as highlighted by its exact use of light and the amount of texture on its images.

Suffice it to say, if you can get some of these free actions for Photoshop, that vintage mood for your photos is as good as it gets as soon as you use them. Only with Photoshop actions can you do that kind of enhancement because this app allows you to make the necessary enhancements on its luminosity, a component on your photograph that has something to do with creating that specific effect.

Grab these free actions for Photoshop now. And you will realize how appropriate these Photoshop is your vintage photography. For all you know, photographers are on it already every time they enhance their photos. You can become a photographer, too, that is, if you can download these free actions for Photoshop as tools for the enhancement of your photos.


Introducing Lightroom 5 for Your Landscape Scenes

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  • Presets perfect for landscape photography
  • Free presets for Lightroom 5 available on the web
  • Editing landscape scenes in a variety of ways through Lightroom 5 presets

Looking to enhance your landscape photos? Are you tired of seeing the same flat images of your landscape scenes that doesn’t even generate some liking on your social media page every time you post them? Well, your dilemma is now long gone. Lightroom 5 has in its collection the best presets for your landscape photos.

These Lightroom 5 presets give you enough choices as far as effects are concerned. With more than 100 free presets you can get online, you can experiment in a variety of ways how to improve the texture, the composition and even the quality of your landscape scenes.


Landscapes do hold a special place in photography. Many photographers, in fact, had already made a living out of producing landscape scenes as more and more patrons are buying them. But if you can have these Lightroom 5 presets with you, these scenic views that you have with your landscape shots will have its necessary enhancement, let alone having those unique features that Lightroom has.

Ever since Lightroom was introduced as a premier photo enhancing app, it has been improving photographs in a big way, not just with landscape scenes, but also with portraits. It has tools that even beginners can dig, user-friendly tools that you can easily navigate as soon as you make improvements to your photo.

So these Lightroom 5 presets are a necessity after all, if you are serious about making a name with photography. Many benefitted from it already because it makes photo editing so easy, handy, and less hassle. Plus, it has its own storing system where you can save your files/images and share later.

Scour the web now and explore these Lightroom 5 presets for your photos. Don’t let it pass your way. See to it that you use them with your landscape scenes, so you will see how your once dull landscapes are now considered masterpieces in their own right.


That Perfect Preset for Your Portrait

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  • Creating stunning portraits using Lightroom presets
  • Free and accessible presets via Lightroom available online
  • Enhancing photos a la professional photographer with presets from Lightroom

Perfect Portraits are one of those presets for Lightroom that improves your image online. It has its workflow, to start with, so you can enhance your photo in a more systematic way, gradually improving your look in the process.

These presets for Lightroom offers a more complete enhancement of your photos. Aside from enhancing the color, luminosity and even the saturation of those respective elements in your photo, Lightroom also improves aspects of its presentation that you can’t possibly find with other photo enhancing apps, having that dramatic effect on your photos.


Yes, Lightroom increases the “drama” on your photos by improving the texture of your images, making it more interactive than those static images we usually associate with photographs. With these presets for Lightroom, however, you get to see images that are almost lifelike you can almost touch it.

As in the case of these Perfect Portraits, where you could almost feel the texture of one’s cheek or the wrinkles on one’s forehead because Lightroom enhances your photos with that real life quality. That has always been the advantage of Lightroom over other apps, it can almost recreate life in detail.

So, from now on, use these Perfect Portraits for your portraiture and everything else that has something to do with your beautiful face because these presets for Lightroom will make you even more beautiful after using it as your enhancing solution.

In fact, you can make a living by using these presets for Lightroom as far as your portraits go, like a seasoned photographer. You now have the tools to deliver that kind of portraits that your future customers will like. You’re not only generating quality pictures through these presets, you’re also generating a lot of income out of it.

These presets for Lightroom, needless to say, bring color not only to your pictures, but to your image as well through that enhanced, beautiful portrait you now have.


Highlights From the Collection

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The Book of Painted Quilts

When paint and fabric meet, the results are magical. 14 artists have created stunning quilts and other home accessories.
The images shown here are just a bit of a teaser for the pieces featured in our newest collection of works.
They will be featured in The Book of Painted Quilts.  The exhibition will open in Atlanta, GA in October of 2009.
Artists included in this dynamic collection are:
Trudy Beard, Chris Thornton-Deason, Bobbie Takashima, Donna Dewberry, JoSonja Jansen, Cynthia Erekson, Andy Jones, Mary Wiseman, Ronnie Bringle, Peggy Stogdill, Judy Diephouse/Lynn Deptula, Sherry Nelson, Peggy Harris and Jamie Mills-Price

Click on an image on the right to view a larger size.  You may need to scroll down to view the larger image.


Trudy Beard

Cascade of Roses
Acrylic on Wood

Painted for The Book of Painted Quilts